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About Kat

Welcome to Kat’s Floral Design.

Being creative with flowers is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. Walking through the Bavarian countryside, I really enjoyed exploring the wildflowers and creating something special. I decided to take my passion to the next level after secondary school and excelled at the vocational School of Floristry Munich in 2006. Preciseness, integrity and having a natural eye for arrangements played to my strengths to thrive at school. Floristry soon became my expression of art.

When I found my new home in New Zealand in 2007 the preserved nature encapsulated me and I began incorporating local NZ fauna into my designs.

If I wasn’t working towards my Floristry ambitions I enjoy spending time with my lovely family, going on nature walks spending the time to appreciate NZ’s great outdoors. I’m so grateful to align a passion to work with Kat’s Floral design.

Floristry is my place to relax,

My place to fall in love with creativity

My place to express inner architecture

My place to provide service excellence

“Nothing beats the wonders of my world… Family, Floristry and the nature of NZ”

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